Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Political Profile: Trey Radel

Trey Radel, Republican, captured 63% of the general elections vote in FL’s 19 district and was elected as the Congress representative for the area.

Radel was born Apr.20, 1976 in Cincinnati, OH. He majored in communications and Italian at Loyola University. Much of his career has dealt with being in broadcasting and participating as a host in shows such as Daybreak, 92.5 Fox News and WINK-TV.  [TreyRadel.com]

Radel is mostly recognized for being a successful businessman as well. He founded Trey Communications LLC, which focuses in the purchase and subsequent sell of domain names on the web. His wife, Amy Wegmann, FOX-4 anchor, also participated along his side in founding US Forces Fund, a nonprofit organization that centers around helping injured soldiers when coming back home from overseas duty.

Radel held most of his support base throughout most of his campaigning. During the primary elections, for example, he competed against well-known figures such as Chauncy Goss, son of former CIA director Porter Goss. Surprisingly, Radel managed to raise $757,217 in donations from wealthy Republican contributors, in addition to a loan of $206,000, according to the Federal Election Commission.

“Trey has a dedicated base,” affirmed Goss [Naples News].

Radel’s political ground can be summarized in the following points, as published in his campaign websites and propaganda: search for a stable environment that’ll promote job creation, return of education tax-dollars back home to make improvements at a local level, rejection of Obamacare’s “deficiencies,” acquirement of energy independence, security of the US border, strengthening of Social Security and Medicare, prevention of tax hikes, and protection of the Second Amendment [PoliGu.com].

Following his victory in the polls, Radel proceeded to attend various orientation and information sessions in Washington. These covered ranging from budget matters to office placement. He is scheduled to be permanent in Congress as of January 2013.

“It was exhilarating. It was exciting. It was intense,” said Radel. “…It’s become very real now.” [Naples News]


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Petraeus Affair

The Petraeus affair broke out on Nov.9 this year, and headlined the news as a "major political scandal" for several days after. 

General Petraeus, former C.I.A director, was found to be having an affair with Paula Broadwell, a West Point graduate student (age 40) who followed Petraeus' work in Afghanistan, and, consequently, made it her mission to write a biographical book on the General.

How did the story break out? Jill Kelley, a resident of Tampa, FL and family friend of Petraeus, received allegedly harassing e-mails from an anonymous source telling her to keep her distance from the General. Ms.Kelley proceeded to contact Frederick Humphries from the F.B.I in order to file a complaint on these "threatening" correspondance.

F.B.I agents' investigation lead to Ms.Broadwell and, later on, Petraeus. It was said that some sort of "classified" information had been shared from the General's part to his former mistress. According to press releases, a red flag was raised due to the possible national security secrets that might have been leaked in conversation.

Should General Petraeus have resigned? To me, the answer is "no." This was much more of a personal issue than it was a national one. The scandal served as a good headliner for the newspapers and media coverage, yet, is it really true that US' national security was at risk? And were those e-mails threatening enough to instigate an F.B.I investigation in the first place?

Fred R.Conrad from the New York Times wrote an opinion on the scandal that is certainly worth reading. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/17/opinion/nocera-hacking-general-petraeus.html

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This week's Beyond the Brief show features exclusive interviews with McCain, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Debbie W.S, & B.Biden (at 9min 22secs)